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Movement Lessons at home for floor, wall, chair or pole!L

Online live, interactive movement lessons for floor dance, wall dance, chair dance, stretching & flexibility, and pole dance at home.

Special equipment is NOT needed for at-home lessons but can be integrated into any Remote Lesson!

Move around a little....

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Welcome to the Frestyler Members Area Virtual Library!! It's currently under construction/decluttering (you know, that thing I'm also trying to do with my basement atm....) :)

Dance Along with Pole Dance Routine: Swoon, Flying Jasmine Spin, and Butterfly!

Dance along with the same Pole Dance Routine on a different day! Flying Jasmine (aka Flying Figurehead Spin) and Spin-into-Butterfly!

New Video: Pole Dance Routine - Swoon, Flying Jasmine, Butterfly!

by [email protected] 4 months ago

The part where I start a discussion....

by Brittin Leigh 6 months ago

This is a lot like a really warm, cozy blanket that someone who loves you knits you for your birthday --- it's warm, it's cozy, ...and it might not be the prettiest, most held-together blanket in the world... but it's for YOU, and it's made for you with lots of LOVE!!!

~ Brittin

Deep Stretch Class Videos!

Figurehead spin (test)