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Movement Lessons at home for floor, wall, chair or pole!L

Online live, interactive movement lessons for floor dance, wall dance, chair dance, stretching & flexibility, and pole dance at home.

Special equipment is NOT needed for at-home lessons but can be integrated into any Remote Lesson!





Take as many classes as you like, and bring a friend with you free of charge, any time.

If you average 2-3 classes per week or more, (more than 10 classes per month), this is your most cost-effective option.


Q: Can my guest attend any class for free?

A: Pretty much. You must attend class with your guest, and your guest must be female. If your guest is a beginner, they are eligible to attend any beginner-friendly class including: Pole Dance Power Hour, Pole Fitness Routine, Frestyl Flexibility, Frestyl Basic, and Frestyl Basic-Intermediate. If your guest has already graduated to Intermediate or Advanced, and you have too, then you're both good to attend any class.

Q: Can I split the Unlimited Pass with a friend?

A: You can totally split the cost of an Monthly Unlimited pass with a friend! But the purchasing student must be present in order for the guest to be free of charge. Schedule accordingly (but by all means: find a pole buddy)!

Q: I tried to buy an Unlimited Pass here, but it said, "Sold Out?"

A: Because we like small class sizes with space available for walk-ins, we only offer a few of these passes at time. If you missed out this time, email us to be first in line when a pass becomes available!

Monthly Unlimited passes are valid until the same day of next month, plus two days. Example: if you purchase an Unlimited Pass on December 20th, then your pass is valid until January 22nd. Why 32 days? ... Because we like you, because we sometimes wish we had a couple more days in a month, and ... because we can :)  (Yes we know that there are 31 days in some months. That's ok. Again: we like you. And we're sorry about February.)

Pass is good for all regularly-scheduled classes. Instructor permission is required to attend Intermediate and Advanced level classes. Typical class size is 6 to 8 students, and is usually capped at 12. Class space is first-come-first-served. When space is limited, students with reservations take priority. Reservations for you and your guests are always available here and via our Classes page.

Unlimited passes cannot be used for private lessons or private workshops.

All sales final. Studio policies are subject to change without notice.

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